Search Tips

Search by Name
If you are looking for a particular place, you can search for it using the search box. You can limit the search by county but it is not necessary. Wyoming Places is not case sensitive. For example, typing rAiLrOAD or railroad will return the same results. You can also search by feature type. For example, if you want to find all the locales in Park County, type locale and limit the search to Park County.
Type the name of the place and click "search". You will get a screen that lists the places that you searched. You may get multiple results. You can narrow them by using the "Limit Search Results" in the left column.

To get more information about the place you searched, you can click on its name. You can also "Find it on the Map".  The map display will provide a link to additional information about the place.

Browse by Feature
Across the top of the map are bars labeled Manmade Features, Water Features, Land Features, and Special Features. If you click on the bar, you get a drop down menu with a list of features. If you want to view one or more features, click on the type and the icon(s) for the type will be displayed on the map. You can close the drop down menu by re-clicking the bar. To assist you in locating specific types of features, click on these Feature Definitions To view the information about a particular place, click on the icon. You will want to zoom in to see some features as they overlap one another.

When you first view the map, you will see some icons. These represent Wyoming’s counties, the state and the Wind River Indian Reservation. If you click on one of the county icons, the county is highlighted and the information about it appears on the screen.
You can click on the pins to get information about the Wind River Indian Reservation or Wyoming.

Other tips for viewing the Wyoming Places Map
  • The Wyoming Places Map contains a lot of information; let it have time to load.
  • Wyoming Places is best viewed using Google Chrome or Firefox.
  • Options to view the map are on the blue bar in the upper left corner of the map You can browse using the aerial view or change to the road view by clicking “road” in the upper left corner of the map. You can turn labels on or off. You can zoom in or out using the + or – buttons or the roller on your mouse.
  • Want more tips? Here is a webinar on using the Wyoming Places Map (34 minutes).
This link takes you to a page that gives you a short history of Wyoming and its name. It also includes a map with links to Wyoming's counties and the Yellowstone National Park. When you click on a county, a link will appear. Click on it to view information about that county. The county page also includes a link to "places" of that county. Each page also includes a link to the place on the Wyoming Places Map.