August 31

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1886 Lost Cabin Post Office in Fremont County, was established on August 31, 1886.

1898 August 31, 1898 was "Cody Day" at the Trans-Mississiippi Exposition in Omaha Nebraska. Cody Day..(Cody's people) massed in front of the Band Stand... then proceeded up the East Midway over the North viaduct along West Midway...north along 20th St. to Indian encampment... counter marched to Administration Arch...passed behind the Girls & Boys building to Sherman Ave.

1908 On August 31, 1908 the Converse County Free Library was formed when the Douglas Library Association voted "to donate or turn over its library to the Converse County Free Library."

August 30

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1873 During the summer of 1873, Captain William A. Jones and party explored northwestern Wyoming and Yellowstone. On August 30, they climbed Mount Sheridan to continue their "inspection of the Yellowstone Lake Basin." Mount Sheridan was named by Captain J.W. Barlow, a military member of the 1871 Hayden Expedition, for General Philip H. Sheridan, who supported the effort to preserve the wonders of the park. It was also known as Brown Mountain, Yellow Mountain and Red Mountain.

Douglas, Wyoming was established in August, 1886. "From August 30 through September 2 1886, the new town of Douglas was auctioned off, parcel by parcel on the delta just south of the Antelope Tent town."

August 29

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1878 In 1878, the U.S. Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories led by F.V. Hayden continued the exploration of the Yellowstone region. Members of the expedition observed and recorded locations and eruptions of many of the park's thermal features. On August 29, they were in the Upper Geyser Basin and recorded the activity of the Castle Geyser.

1900 Tipton was the site of an August 29, 1900 train robbery which was attributed to the Wild Bunch. The engineer was ordered to pull the express car ahead after it had been detached from the rest of the train. The railroad organized a special outlaw hunting squad to pursue the robbers.

1917 On August 29, 1917, the Secretary of the Interior announced the opening of the new townsite of Deaver on the Shoshone Project.

1924 Photograph taken in the Wind River Mountains on August 29, 1924 by W.C. Alden. Alden was chief of Pleistocene geology at the U.S. Geological Survey. He worked throughout the United States in the early to mid 20th century. His photographs can be viewed at

August 28

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1883 In 1883, President Arthur was nearing the end of his journey through Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park. On August 28, the President and his party camped near the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. "The Canon of the Yellowstone ... surpasses description in grandeur. The two falls are equal in sublimity and beauty to any upon the continent."

1894 Cleo Post Office was established on August 28, 1894 in Fremont County prior to the formation of Sublette County.

1907 The Cheyenne Daily Leader of August 28, 1907 published an article about the coal mines near Sheridan. The article included information about the new town of Kooi or Kooiton, named after Peter Kooi.

August 27

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1892 The Carbon County Journal of August 27, 1892 announced the organization of the Herman Mining Camp and District. Both were named for John R. Herman.

1908 Stewart Post Office was established on August 27, 1908. It was named for R. D. Stewart, the general superintendent of the Laramie Plains Railroad Line. Its name was changed to Albany on December 31, 1908. Albany was the name of the Laramie, Hahn's Peak and Pacific Railway Station at the location.


August 26

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1868 Green River Post Office was established as Green River City Post Office on August 26, 1868 in Carter County.

1920 On August 26, 1920 the U.S. finally caught up with Wyoming. The 19th amendment passed-women's suffrage granted!

August 25

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1916 The National Park Service was established by law on August 25, 1916. At the time, Wyoming already had two areas to be managed by the Service, Yellowstone National Park established in 1872 and Devils Tower National Monument established in 1906.

August 24

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1870 In 1870, F. V. Hayden and party while on the U.S. Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories  explored portions of Wyoming. On August 24, they camped at Red Buttes. William Henry Jackson took this photograph of the party. Standing left to right: John "Potato John" Raymond and "Val," cooks; Sanford R. Gifford, landscape painter; Henry W. Elliott, artist; James Stevenson, assistant; H.D. Schmidt, naturalist; E. Campbell Carrington, zoologist; L.A. Bartlett, general assistant; William Henry Jackson, photographer. Sitting left to right: C.S. Turnbull, secretary; J.H. Beaman, meteorologist; Ferdinand V. Hayden, geologist in charge; Cyrus Thomas, agriculturist; Raphael, hunter; A.L. Ford, mineralogist.

1916 From the August 24, 1916 Encampment Record, the "3rd Annual Fish Fry".

August 23

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1910 The Reliance Post Office was established on August 23, 1910. Reliance was the location of the Reliance coal mines, which the Union Pacific Railroad Company owned.

1911 An "initial offering" of town lots in Marbleton appeared in the Kemmerer Camera of August 23, 1911.

August 22

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1842      "August 23.—Yesterday evening we reached our encampment at Rock Independence, where I took some astronomical observations. Here, not unmindful of the custom of early travellers and explorers in our country I engraved on this rock of the Far West a symbol of the Christian faith. Among the thickly inscribed names, I made on the hard granite the impression of a large cross, which I covered with a black preparation of Indiarubber, well calculated to resist the influence of wind and rain. It stands amidst the names of many who have long since found their way to the grave, and for whom the huge rock is a giant gravestone." John C. Fremont in Report of the Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains in the year 1842.

1867 Cheyenne Post Office was established as Cheyenne City Post Office on August 22, 1867 in Dakota Territory prior to the formation of Wyoming Territory.

1883 During his 1883 trip to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park, President Arthur and his party spent a lot of time fishing for trout in the rivers of northwestern Wyoming. On August 22, they spent the day fishing the Snake River.

1886 The Fremont, Elkhorn, and Missouri Valley Railroad (later part of the Chicago and North Western system) reached the Douglas townsite on August 22, 1886.

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