February 29

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1912 On February 29, 1912, newspapers from Lusk to Worland published Governor Joseph Carey's Proclamation calling a "Good Roads" meeting to promote the "early construction of the Yellowstone Park Highway." Learn more about the Yellowstone Highway -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQ4iWkeyg7U&feature=related

February 28

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1918 On February 28, 1918, the first train arrived in Buffalo from Clearmont on the Wyoming Railway. The Wyoming Railway Company was incorporated in Wyoming on May 26, 1909. Construction work began in 1913 and the Wyoming Railway operated between Clearmont and Buffalo from 1918 to 1952 when it was abandoned.

2007  Wyoming adopted the western wheatgrass as its State Grass on February 28, 2007. There is a Wheatgrass Draw in Niobrara County.

February 27

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1885 Francis E. Warren was appointed Governor of the Territory of Wyoming on February 27, 1885.

1888 Joseph M. Carey, Wyoming Delegate to Congress, introduced before the House of Representatives, Fiftieth Congress, first session, a bill, HR 7780, to admit Wyoming as a State to the Union. The bill died in committee

"On February 27, 1889, nearly a year after it had been introduced, the
Senate Committee on Territories returned S. 2445 with an amendment. On
February 28, 1889 Senator Orville. H. Platt from Connecticut submitted
Senate Committee on Territories' Report No. 2695 to accompany S. 2445.
Although the report was favorable to the bill's passage nothing more was done
regarding S. 2445 as Congress adjourned within five days. Report No. 2695
... gives a splendid resume of the economic status of Wyoming
at the end of the Territorial period." (Historical Blue Book, 1946)

1893 Jetsam Post Office was established on February 27, 1893. Jetsam was located in Platte County. Weekly columns about Jetsam appeared in the Wheatland newspaper under the titles "Jetsam News" and "Jetsam Jottings."

1901 The Laramie, Hahns Peak, and Pacific Railway Co. was formed under the laws of Wyoming on February 27, 1901.

February 26

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1898 The 'Carbon County Journal' of February 26, 1898 published an article about the new town of Doggett, on the Encampment River. Doggett, named for the Doggett Brothers, was also known as Doggettville. In 1900, the Riverside Town Company purchased the town site and renamed it Riverside.  

1929 The original Grand Teton National Park was established by Congress on February 26, 1929. It included only the Teton Range and eight glacial lakes at the base of the mountains.

2009  Sheridan’s green hairstreak was adopted as Wyoming’s State Butterfly on February 26, 2009.  

February 25

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1888 Mikado Post Office was established on February 25, 1888 in Crook County prior to the formation of Campbell County. Francis M. Lavering (Frank M. Lavering) served as postmaster.

1909 On February 25, 1909, President Theodore Roosevelt created the "bird reservations" of Pathfinder and Shoshone by Executive Order 1032.

1963 A magnitude 4.3, intensity V earthquake occurred in southeastern Sublette County on February 25, 1963, approximately 15 miles north-northeast of Big Sandy. The earthquake was felt for over a minute in Atlantic City, and for approximately six seconds in the Lander and Hudson areas. (Casper Star-Tribune,
February 26, 1963). 

February 24

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1898 Pinedale Post Office was established on February 24, 1898 on the ranch of Charles Peterson. Cecilie Peterson was the first postmaster.

February 23

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1985 The bison was adopted as Wyoming's State Mammal on February 23, 1985. It is the largest terrestrial animal in North America, where it is commonly called buffalo.
There are more than 100 places in Wyoming with Buffalo as part of their name. Most were named for the animal. According to early records, the city of Buffalo was named for Buffalo, New York. Buffalo Bill Dam and Reservoir were named for the man.

February 22

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1897 On February 22, 1897, President Grover Cleveland issued a Proclamation establishing the Big Horn Forest Reserve.

1913 On February 22, 1913, the Wyoming State Legislature passed a bill requiring uniform metal plates for all motor vehicles. Undated, these plates bore the state seal and a number. Wyoming’s No. 1 automobile license was issued to J . M. Schwoob of Cody.

February 21

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1883 Beulah Post Office was established on February 21, 1883. Beulah was named by seven families on ranches located on Sand Creek in 1881. 

1898  Eagle Post Office was established on February 21, 1898. The original proposed name for the post office was Eagle Rock. Eagle was located on the Stinking Water, now Shoshone River.

1917 On February 21, 1917, the Wyoming Legislature passed a law that created a number of "State Game Preserves" including the Teton State Game Preserve, Shoshone State Game Preserve, Hoodoo State Game Preserve, Carter Mountain State Game Preserve, Popo Agie State Game Preserve, Big Horn State Game Preserve, Days River State Game Preserve, Wind River State Game Preserve, Careyhurst Game Preserve, Bridger State Game Preserve, Kendall State Game Preserve.

February 20

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1903 Evanston received an $11,000.00 Carnegie Library grant on February 20, 1903.

1911 Newcastle received a $12,500.00 Carnegie Library grant on February 20, 1911.

1913 The Wyoming Legislature approved an act that provided $2,500 for placing markers along the Oregon Trail. House Bill 39 introduced by Mrs. Miller "A bill for an act providing for the survey and marking of the Old Oregon Trail and other historic landmarks; making an appropriation therefor; and providing a penalty for the defacement of such monuments or markers" was signed by the Senate president on February 20, 1913 and sent to the Governor's Office. Governor Joseph M. Carey signed it the same day.

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