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January 31

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1801 Father Pierre Jean De Smet was born in Termonde, Belgium, January 31, 1801, and came to the United States in his youth.  In July, 1840, he performed Wyoming’s first Catholic Mass at the Green River Rendezvous on Horse Creek, in present Sublette County. It is known as the La Messe de la Prairie. Lake De Smet in northeast Wyoming is named in his honor.  Read more at Father De Smet in Wyoming.

1883  The  blizzard of 1883 continued through parts of Wyoming.

January 31st has been a hard day for Wyoming Post Offices. At least 20 have been discontinued through the years including Cooke (1882), Pearl (1903), Cedar (1909), Cellers (1911), Trelona (1912), Silver Crown (1914), Belle (1918), Bertralda (1919), Peckville (1922), Dietz (1930), LaBonte (1931), Nowood (1931), Dad (1940), Hampshire (1940), Aspentunnel (1950), Teckla (1952), Dines (1955), Winton (1955), Lucerne (1956), Winchester (1956).

1909 On January 31, 1909 in a ceremony attended by "the most impressive gathering of Catholic ecclesiastics held in Wyoming," St. Mary's Cathedral in Cheyenne was dedicated.


1917 The Indian paintbrush, common name for any of a genus of annual, biennial, and perennial herbs, was adopted as the State Flower on January 31, 1917. Paintbrush Canyon and Divide in Teton County.

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