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January 7

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1888 Here is a mystery. William D. Wrighter became the postmaster of Wrighter Post Office on January 7, 1888. The post office was discontinued in 1889 and its mail then handled by the Powder River Post Office in Johnson County. Here is the mystery. According to "old time residents" of northeastern Wyoming, Wrighter was one of the names, along with Elroy, that the Boyd Post Office was known as in the 1880's. Boyd was located near the South Dakota border east of the Four Corners. a long way from Johnson County. Were there two places named Wrighter?

1890  The Daily Boomerang of January 7, 1890 reported that a collision between the "west bound flier and a freight train occurred near Howell Station on the Union Pacific Railroad.

1899 Barsee Post Office was established on January 7, 1899 with Charles H. King as postmaster.

1994 Natrona County High School was added to the National Register of Historic Places on
January 7, 1994.  It was built between 1924 and 1941. More about the school can be found at