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July 31

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1892 Thomas Moran and William Henry Jackson made a return trip to Yellowstone National Park in the summer of 1892. On July 31, they reached the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and Moran made sketches of it. 

1919 Curt Gowdy was born on July 31, 1919 in Green River, Wyoming He attended the University of Wyoming and became a sports writer and commentator. He is remembered as "the voice of the Boston Red Sox" which he was for 14 years . Curt Gowdy State Park is named for him. It was founded in 1971 by the city of Cheyenne and the Boy Scouts of America. Learn more about the park at

July 30

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1868 Wyoming Post Office was established on July 30, 1868. At that time, it was in Laramie County as Albany County had not been established yet. Also known as Wyoming Station, it was a station on the Union Pacific Railroad. Its name was changed to Oasis on February 14, 1898.

July 29

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1871 During the 1871 Hayden Expedition, Yellowstone Lake was explored on July 29.

"On the morning of the 29th, Messrs. Stevenson and Elliott started across the lake in the Anna, the first boat ever launched on the Yellowstone, and explored the nearest island, which we named after the principal, assistant of the expedition, who was undoubtedly the first white man that ever placed foot upon it. Our little bark, which is well shown in figure 32,  whose keel was the first to plow the waters of the most beautiful lake on our continent, and which must now become historical, was named by Mr. Stevenson in compliment to Miss Anna L. Dawes, the amiable daughter of Hon. H. L. Dawes. My whole party were glad to manifest, by this slight tribute, their gratitude to the distinguished statesman, whose generous sympathy and aid had contributed so much toward securing the appropriation which enabled them to explore this marvelous region."

Image from Preliminary Report of the United States
Geological Survey of Montana and  portions of
adjacent territories. 
Washington, DC: GPO, 1872 

1878 On July 29, 1878, there was a total eclipse of the sun in the United States. Many prominent scientists, including Thomas Edison, traveled to Rawlins to view it. To learn more, go to

1929 Grand Teton National Park was dedicated on July 29, 1929.

July 28

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1909  The Wyoming Tribune of July 28, 1909 reported that work on the Jireh college building was progressing well. The college was a two year liberal arts college and the first "junior" college in Wyoming. The college held classes starting in 1910. The last students graduated in 1920.

July 27

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1939  On July 27, 1939 a bill was approved that provided that all lands of the Wind River Indian Reservation ceded for the Riverton reclamation project in Wyoming and not used for such project be restored to the ownership of the Arapaho and Shoshone Tribes.

1922 The Newcastle News Letter of July 27, 1922 reported that the new town of Teapot was being platted.

July 26

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1865 On July 26, 1865, a battle occurred at Red Buttes which resulted in the death of Lieutenant Caspar Collins. The nearby fort was renamed Fort Caspar in his honor.

 1873 During the summer of 1873, Captain William A. Jones led an expedition from Fort Bridger into Northwestern Wyoming and the Yellowstone region. On July 26, they "marched 18.8 miles to the North Fork of the Stinking Water River (Shoshone River) crossing the South Fork ... Ish-a-woo-a River." (Ishawooa Creek) Ishawooa is the Indian name for the creek and refers to the nearby rock formation.

July 25

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1868  On July 25, 1868, President Andrew Johnson signed the Organic Act that created a temporary government for the Territory of Wyoming. At the time, Wyoming Territory contained two counties, Laramie and Carter. Read the Organic Act

July 24

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1832 On July 24, 1832, Capt. B. L. E. Bonneville lead the first wagon crossing of South Pass.

1847 Pioneer Day (July 24) is observed in Mormon communities to retell the story of the Great Trek to Salt Lake Valley in 1847. July 24 is the day on which pioneers first reached what would become Salt Lake City.

1873 During the summer of 1873, Captain William A. Jones led an expedition from Fort Bridger into Northwestern Wyoming and the Yellowstone region. On July 24th, they "marched seventeen miles to a small tributary of the Stinking Water [now Shoshone River] which I have named Mee-tee-tsee - a Shoshonee name." 

July 23

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1875 Centennial Post Office was established on July 23, 1875. Gold was found here in 1876, the centennial year. In 1902, Centennial became a station on the Laramie, Hahns Peak and Pacific Railway as advertised in the July 23, 1902 Centennial Post.

July 22

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1881 The July 22, 1881 Cheyenne Daily Leader reported that a meeting held the previous Monday at Indian Springs in (then) northern Laramie County resulted in the organization of the town of Hartville.

1899 Barnum Post Office was established on July 22, 1899. Barnum was named for the family that settled the area.

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