March 31

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1873 March 30 through April 5, 2014 was "National Week of the Ocean." How does that relate to Wyoming? Because of our position on the continent, water in our streams flows to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Some of our place names reflect this. The first is 'Two Ocean Pass.' When Captain William A. Jones and party explored northwestern Wyoming and Yellowstone in 1873, he wrote this about the location:

March 30

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1891  In 1891, the United States Congress passed the Forest Reserve Act, which allowed the President to establish forest reservations from portions of the public domain. On March 30 of that year by proclamation, President Benjamin Harrison created the nation's first Forest Reserve, the Yellowstone Park Timberland Reserve

March 29

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1874 Camp Red Cloud Agency renamed Camp Robinson.

1888 Wyoming's State Capitol Building was completed on March 29, 1888.

March 28

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1870 The name of Camp Augur was changed to Camp Brown on March 28, 1870. It became Fort Washakie on December 30, 1878.

1898 Oil City Post Office in Natrona County was established for a second time on March 28, 1898.

1908 The first stone was laid for the Shoshone Dam on March 28, 1908.

March 27

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1891 The Wyoming Agricultural Experiment Station was established March 27, 1891, in accordance with an act of the State Legislature, as a department of the Agricultural College of the University of Wyoming.

1964 "The area around Van Tassell, near the Nebraska State line, felt a moderate earthquake on March 27, 1964. Doors and dishes rattled and furniture vibrated (MM V). Thunderlike noises were heard. The tremor was also felt in parts of western Nebraska and South Dakota." More information regarding Wyoming 's Earthquake history can be found here.

March 26

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1804 On March 26, 1804, President Jefferson approved an act of Congress dividing Louisiana into two parts, viz: The Territory of Louisiana and the District of Louisiana. The former embraced what is now the State of Louisiana and the latter included all the remainder of the purchase. Under the provisions of the act, the District of Louisiana was made subject to the territorial government of Indiana, of which Gen. William H. Harrison was then governor. Some historians state by this act all Upper Louisiana (which included Wyoming) was made a part of the Territory of Indiana. This is a mistake. The act merely regarded the District of Louisiana as unorganized territory and attached it to Indiana for judicial purposes, etc.

1890 Territorial Delegate Joseph M. Carey introduced a bill into the U.S. House calling for statehood for Wyoming. This was at least the fifth time a bill was introduced for Wyoming statehood. This one succeeded.

1903 The Weekly Boomerang reported, despite the earliness of the season, work had resumed on the "government road leading into the Yellowstone National Park from the eastern or Cody entrance." The road opened later in 1903. Cheyenne photographer J. E. Stimson traveled and photographed the road after it opened. In 2008, author and photographer Michael Amundson "traveled the same road, carefully duplicating Stimson’s iconic original photographs."  His book, "Passage to Wonderland:  Rephotographing Joseph Stimson's Views of the Cody Road to Yellowstone National Park, 1903 and 2008" was published in 2012.

March 25

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1913 This article announcing the 1913 edition of the Official Brand Book of the State of Wyoming was published in the March 25, 1913 Casper Record. Brand books of all years are valuable sources for place name research as many places in the west were named for brands. The 1913 Wyoming Brand Book can be found here.

March 24

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1834 John Wesley Powell was born on March 24, 1834. The city of Powell is named for John Wesley Powell, an engineer forerunner to the present reclamation engineers and one of the first to visualize a prosperous agricultural community.

March 23

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1859 An order to abandon Platte Bridge Station was issued by the War Department on March 23, 1859.

March 22

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1907 The headline in the Cheyenne Daily Leader of March 22, 1907 reads "1907 GREATEST LAND BOOM IN HISTORY OF STATE: Is Bringing Hundreds of Eastern Farmers to Dry Lands in the Country North of Pine Bluffs That Section of County Becoming One of Most Thickly Populated and Busiest Quarters of the Entire State" The article then goes on to mention the "new town" of Luther.

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