November 30

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1803 On November 30, 1803, Spain's representatives, Governor Manuel de Salcedo and the Marqués de Casa Calvo, officially transferred Louisiana to France. "Louisiana" was a large area including a section that would become the greater part of the State of Wyoming.

1868 Point of Rocks Post Office was established on November 30, 1868 in Carter County, Wyoming Territory.

1889 Keystone Post Office was established on November 30, 1889. Located southwest of Centennial, Keystone was a mining community that took its name from the Keystone Mining Company located there.

1917 Platte County's new Carnegie Library in Wheatland was opened to the public on November 30, 1917.

November 29

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1873 The Laramie County Stockgrowers Association was established in Cheyenne on November 29, 1873. It was one of the precursors of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association.

1876 November 29 is Nellie Tayloe Ross Day in Wyoming. The fourteenth governor of Wyoming was born in St. Joseph, Missouri on November 29, 1876. Ross Lake in Fremont County is named for her and her husband, William Ross, the thirteenth governor of Wyoming.
1908 Major Harry Coupland Benson was appointed acting Superintendent of Yellowstone National Park on November 29, 1908.

1920 The name of the Nefsy Post Office was changed to Osage, which was the name of the Burlington Railroad Station. Nefsy was named for the Nefsy brothers who discovered oil in the area. Prior to being called Nefsy, its name was Apostol.

November 28

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1887 On November 28, 1887, the Green River City Post Office was "renamed" the Green River Post Office. The Green River Post Office has a long history. It was first established in December, 1853 in Green River County, Utah Territory. It was discontinued in April 1855, but reestablished as Green River City Post Office on August 26, 1868 in Carter County, Dakota Territory.

1896 The Daily Boomerang of November 28, 1896 had an article about the proposed new townsite of Huston.

November 27

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1906 The Fremont County Library in Lander received a $15,000 Carnegie Library Grant on November 27, 1906. The library opened in 1909.

1909 A story about the new town of Bonneville was published by the Riverton News on November 27, 1909.

November 26

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1863 In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed November 26th as a national Thanksgiving Day, to be celebrated annually on the final Thursday of November. Since 1941, Thanksgiving has been celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.

1892 The Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad extension between Gillette and Sheridan was opened on November 26, 1892. (From History of Nebraska from the earliest explorations of the Trans-Mississippi)

"Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad", from Poor's Manual of the Railroads of the United States; 1897

1918 Orpha Post Office in Converse County was established on November 26, 1918.

1948 Frank Lucus died in Buffalo, Wyoming. He had been Wyoming's Secretary of State from 1923 to 1927, and governor in 1925 after the death of Governor Ross. He left office in 1927 and spent the rest of his life as the editor and publisher of the Buffalo Bulletin.

November 25

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1913 On November 25, 1913, this information about President Lincoln and the Lincoln Highway was published in the Wyoming Semi-Weekly Tribune:

1983 According to the National Weather Service, Laramie recorded its greatest daily snowfall amount for November on this day in 1983 when 9.3 inches fell on the city. It was the beginning of five days with snow that would total 21 inches from November 25 through 29.

November 24

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1879 Baggs Post Office in Carbon County was established on November 24, 1879. It was named for George and Maggie Baggs, some of its early settlers.

1916 Clarkelen Post Office was established on November 24, 1916. Clarkelen or Clarkellen was located southwest of Gillette in Campbell County.

November 23

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1868 On November 23, 1868, Harvey Booth, the first settler in Evanston, pitched a tent on the site of Evanston. He then opened a restaurant, a saloon, and a hotel.

1901 Glencoe Post Office was established on November 23, 1901 in Uinta County prior to the formation of Lincoln County. Glencoe was a coal mining town. Learn more in Glencoe: Spelling out Western Coal Camp History by Dorothy Wright.

1911 The Lusk Herald of November 23, 1911 announced the establishment of what would become the Jireh Experiment Farm.

1913 On November 23, 1913, a second Medicine Bow Depot was completed. The first depot was built in 1901 but burned in 1911. The Depot was closed by the Union Pacific Railroad in 1981. Today the building functions as the Medicine Bow Museum.

November 22

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1911 The Wyoming Tribune of November 22, 1911 reported the move of Mr. Guy Stoddard, "who built the only monoplane ever turned out of Cheyenne, and, perhaps the first airship to be constructed in this city," from Cheyenne to Laramie. The article is complete with a photograph of the machine and its builder captioned "Stoddard, in his monoplane at Frontier Park, in his almost successful attempts to fly."
1924 Peerless Post Office in Campbell County was established on November 22, 1924 with Belmont B. Magee as its postmaster. It was the location of the Peerless Coal Company.

November 21

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1865 In 1862, Platte Bridge Station was established along the Platte River near present day CasperOn November 21, 1865, pursuant to General Order 49, Department of the Missouri, the post was renamed Fort Caspar in honor of 2nd Lt. Caspar W. Collins, Company G, 11th Ohio Cavalry.

1889 According to the Cheyenne Daily Sun of November 21, 1889, Newcastle was "rapidly building up and increasing its business" as a "Rising City."

1917 An article about the Dwyer Corn Carnival was published in the Wheatland Times of November 21, 1917.

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