September 30

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1889 The Constitution of the Proposed State of Wyoming was adopted by the delegates to the Wyoming Constitutional Convention on September 30, 1889. Read the Constitution and its amendments.

The grand opening of The Virginian in Medicine Bow was held on September 30, 1911.

September 29

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1882 The buildings at Fort Sanders were sold at public auction on September 29, 1882.

1889 Delegates to the Wyoming Constitutional Convention which convened at the beginning of September, 1889, were nearing completion of the Wyoming State Constitution. Newspapers of the day included numerous articles about the constitution.

September 28

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1867 From the September 28, 1867 Cheyenne Leader. "Cheyenne, Dakota Territory"

1886 In September, 1886, surveyors from the Cheyenne and Northern Railroad laid out the townsite of Chugwater.

1904 Butte Post Office was established on September 28, 1904 in Weston County prior to the formation of Campbell County.

1911 The people of Ranchester voted for incorporation of their town on September 28, 1911. (Sheridan Post October 10, 1911, page 9)

September 27

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1867 On Friday evening, September 27, 1867, the "citizens of Cheyenne and surrounding country met in Mass Convention at the City Hall" to discuss and support a resolution for the organization of the County of Laramie. Laramie County had been created and the boundaries defined as "all that portion of the Territory of Dakota west of the one hundred and fourth meridian west" by the Sixth Dakota Legislative Assembly on January 9, 1867.

1886 On September 27, 1886, the cornerstone was laid for the 1st building at University of Wyoming. It is now known as Old Main.

1909 The Carnegie Library in Basin was dedicated on September 27, 1909.

1923 Lockett was a station on the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad.  On September 27, 1923, it was the scene of a major railroad disaster.

September 26

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1872 On September 26, 1872, an agreement was made with the Shoshone by which they ceded to the United States that part of their reservation "south of a line beginning at a point on the eastern boundary of the reservation due east of the mouth of the Little Popo-Agie at its junction with the Popo-Agie and running from said point west to the mouth of the Little Popo-Agie; thence up the Popo-Agie to the north fork and up the north fork to the mouth of the canyon; thence west to the western boundary of the reservation."

1876  On September 26, 1876 a treaty with the Sioux people ceded to the United States all that part of Wyoming north of the Platte and Sweetwater, and extending west to the Rattlesnake mountains and the Powder river, was ceded to the United States. Congress promptly ratified the agreement and the lands were opened to settlement. Most of the counties of northeastern Wyoming were formed out of the lands obtained by this treaty.

1908 Tower Post Office in Crook County was established on September 26, 1908. 

1918 News about the Big Horn Basin.

1924 Rex Post Office in Albany County, was established on September 26, 1924.

September 25

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1869 The Cook Folsom Peterson Expedition continued its exploration of what would become Yellowstone National Park. On September 26, they traveled along the shoreline of Yellowstone Lake to the West Thumb Geyser Basin. They spent the next two days exploring the area.

1909 The people of Upton voted for incorporation of the town on September 25, 1909. ( News-Journal no. 4 October 01, 1909, page 8)

1912 On September 25, 1912, the USS Wyoming (Battleship #32) was commissioned at the Philadelphia Navy Yard.  

1997  Lake Guernsey State Park was designated a National Historic Landmark.

September 24

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1906 On September 24, 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed Devils Tower as a National Monument.  It was America's first National Monument.

1907 Kendrick Post Office in Sheridan County was established on September 24, 1907. Named for the late senator, John B. Kendrick, Kendrick was also a station on the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad.

1967 The Tri-Territory Historical Marker was dedicated on September 24, 1967.

1967 The Goodstein Foundation Library of Casper College was dedicated on September 24, 1967.

September 23

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1897 The first Cheyenne Frontier Day was held on September 23, 1897.

1944 An article titled "How to live 70 miles from town in Wyoming" was published in the Saturday Evening Post of September 23, 1944.

September 22

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1789 The Act of September 22, 1789 (1 Stat. 70), temporarily established a U.S. Post Office Department and created the Office of the Postmaster General. Wyoming's first post office was established at Fort Laramie, Nebraska Territory on March 14, 1850.

1901  From the Laramie Boomerang of September 22, 1901. The Pioneer Ditch (also called the Pioneer Canal) was constructed in 1878 on the Laramie Plains.

1904 Wyman Post Office in Albany County, was established on September 22, 1904 with Emma S. Wyman as its first postmaster. Wyman represents the background of many early post offices in Wyoming. It was named for the first postmaster who was a woman.

September 21

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1868 On September 21, 1868, the Union Pacific Railroad tracks reached Point of Rocks, Wyoming, not far from the western edge of the territory. (Ames, Pioneering the Union Pacific)

1891 Bald Mountain Post Office was established on September 21, 1891. Also called the "City of Broken Dreams" it was the location of the Bald Mountain Mining Camp, a placer gold mine.

1912 Snow in the Range ...

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