Wyoming Statehood Celebration Attendees - Hon. C.D. Clark

The Honorable Clarence Don Clark (C.D.) was a member of the Constitutional Convention. He was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in the special election of September 1890, defeated in the next election, and voted into the U.S. Senate by the Wyoming Legislature in 1895. He was a dominant force in Wyoming politics at the turn of the 20th Century. Clark served in the U.S. Senate until 1917.

In the Wyoming statehood celebration, Hon. C. D. Clark served as Orator of the Day.

"The oration of Hon. C.D. Clark of Evanston was a masterpiece of eloquence and proved that although he had but a brief time to prepare his address he was equal to the occasion and that the committee who secured him put the right man in the right place. He charmed the great audience with his strong reasoning, rich descriptive passages and happy oratorical climaxes. His practical and statesmanlike views of what Wyoming has already achieved and what it may hope to achieve in the future, from its present glorious position, were powerfully and cogently expressed. His tribute to woman, to her patriotism, devotion to duty, capacity for affairs and equality in this state not obtained as a boon, but as an unalienable right, was one of the most eloquent gems of the address. He also gave deserved praise to the state constitution and the noble body of men who framed it," (Wyoming Commonwealth July 27, 1890, p. 8).