Wyoming Statehood Celebration Attendees - Ladies' Committee

  • The Ladies' Committee appointed sub-committees that were formed for making arrangements for the statehood celebration. The appointments were:

  • Executive Committee: Mrs. M. E. Post, president; Mrs. Gibson Clark, vice-president; Mrs. ex-Governor Hale, secretary; Mrs. Ollerenshaw, treasurer; Mrs. George W. Baxter, financial secretary.

  • Girl Guards: Mrs. Wm. Myers, chairman; Mesdames N. J. O’Brien, Geo. Masten, C. Cowhick, Capt. Stitzer, E. S. N. Morgan and Mrs. Hader.

  • Decoration: Mrs. Powelson, chairman; Mesdames Chaffin, Meldrum, Glafcke, O. F. Cowhick, A. H. Reel, Thos. Durbin.

  • Ball: Mrs. Parshall, chairman; Mesdames J. K. Jeffrey, D. C. Rhodes, J. F. Carroll, Poullion, R. F. Glover, Judge Willis Van Deventer, Harry Kuykendall and Miss Grace Hebard.

  • Flag: Mrs. Geo. Masten, chairman; Mesdames J. A. Breckons, Frank Dana, Maj. Whipple, Capt. Van Horn, Capt. Rhodes, C. Recker.

  • Reception: Mrs. W. L. Kuykendall, chairman; Mesdames J. C. Thompson, H. Conway, H. E. Buchner, E. A. Slack, J. C. Abney.

  • Programme: Mrs. J. F. Jenkins, chairman; Mesdames George R. Caldwell, J. W. Lacey, J. C. Baird, S. A. Bright, Miss Alice Smith and Miss Ann Marshall.

  • Music: Mrs. W. W. Corlett, chairman; Miss Nellie Dwyer, Mesdames C. N. Potter, Dr. Hunt, Prof. Pasmore, Patten, Holt, (Cheyenne Daily Sun April 4, 1890, p. 5).