Wyoming Statehood Celebration Speeches - Esther Morris

"The great incident of the celebration, the presentation of the flag, next followed. Mrs. Esther Morris, one of Wyoming's historical characters, who is regarded as the mother of the woman suffrage movement in this state, and who is otherwise honored and respected for her great ability and heroic womanhood, was by general consent accorded the post of honor, and made the presentation to Governor Warren on behalf of the women of Wyoming. Gathering the folds of the beautiful flag about her, she said," (Cheyenne Daily Sun July 24, 1890 p. 4).

"On behalf of the women of Wyoming, and in grateful recognition of the high privilege of citizenship that has been conferred upon us, I have the honor to present to the state of Wyoming this beautiful flag. May it always remain the emblem of our liberties, 'and the flag of the union forever."