Wyoming Statehood Celebration Speeches - Governor Warren

"The governor on receiving the Flag from Mrs. Morris, grasping its staff, responded as follows," (Cheyenne Daily Sun July 24, 1890, p. 4)

"It is with feelings of profound gratitude that I receive for the State of Wyoming this beautiful flag.

"It is seldom permitted man to stand a representative for his commonwealth at the time of its organization and during the period of its transition from a condition of territorial dependence to one of state independence. And it has never before, I believe, been vouchsafed man to represent a state as its executive officer on so auspicious an occasion as this.

"Here, in the open air, near the crest of the continent, Wyoming, farming the keystone of the arch of states extending from ocean to ocean, celebrates an event significant in the extreme, new in the history of our country, and without precedent in the world; that is to say, a state, in adopting its constitution, extends free and equal suffrage to its citizens regardless of sex.

"Wyoming, in her progress, has not forgotten the hands and hearts that have helped advance her to her high position; and, in the adoption of her constitution, equal suffrage is entrenched so securely that, it is believed, it will stand forever.

"In this regard Wyoming is not less elevated in her high and proud geographical location, than in her example to her surrounding sister states.

"The figure -44- representing the number of our star on the dear old flag, the handsomest and best-loved national emblem in the civilized world will always stand with us for justice and equal right.

"Women of Wyoming, you have builded well in your past efforts and conduct; and the men of Wyoming extend heartiest greetings at this time. They congratulate you upon your achievements, and ask you to join them in the future, as in the past, in securing good government for our commonwealth. Your influence has always tended towards higher development and culture. And now, in the near future, when called upon to exercise your rights and privileges in the selection of your officers who must be both your rulers and your servants, we have confidence that you will subscribe to everything that is elevating and enterprising -- a pure ballot -- the highest moral standing and the strictest personal responsibility in public officer— liberal educational facilities, and with all an economical and wise financial policy and management.

"Ladies, for and on the part of the great State of Wyoming, I thank you most sincerely for this beautiful stand of colors. And I beg to assure you it shall be cherished and protected as a souvenir of priceless value."