Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Place Name?

A place name is defined as the name of a geographical locality, region or some other part of the earth's surface. Another name for a place name is toponym. Toponymy is the scientific study of toponyms, their origin and history. More about toponymy can be found in this article from the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

What is the best way to search Wyoming Places?

Wyoming Places allows the user to Search by name or feature. For more information, go to tips.

What is the best resolution to view Wyoming Places?

It's highly recommended that Wyoming Places is viewed in 1024 x 768 or higher. To adjust your monitor properties go to Control Panel and click on display; a menu should pop up. Click the settings tab. Under Screen Resolution slide the adjuster bar to either 1024 x 768 or a higher resolution and then click the OK button or Apply button to view changes.

What web browsers work best for our wiki?

Most web browsers will view Wyoming Places but Google Chrome or Firefox work the best.

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