April 11

1889 An article about the establishment of Field City was published in the Laramie Boomerang on April 11, 1889. Field City, also known as Tubb Town, was eventually abandoned when Newcastle was established later in the year.

1923 Parco Post Office was established on April 11, 1923. The town was built by and named for the Producers and Refiners Corporation when they entered the Wyoming oil fields and needed an outlet at the most convenient railroad point. Parco was renamed Sinclair in 1942.

1956 The Colorado River Storage Project Act was enacted April 11, 1956. Its purpose was to develop the water resources of the Upper Colorado River Basin. The Flaming Gorge Project on the Green River was one of the four storage projects authorized in the act. Read more about the history of Green River and Flaming Gorge, and take a 3D virtual tour here.