December 4

1879 Saint Clair Post Office in Albany County was established on December 4, 1879 with Daniel L. Evans as its first postmaster. It was discontinued on October 31, 1883. We have not been able to determine the exact location of this post office. A January 10, 1880 article in the Laramie Sentinel indicated Saint Clair was located on the Rock Creek to Fort Fetterman Road. According to the 1880 Decennial Census records, the postmaster Daniel L. Evans resided in Albany County between Rock Creek and the headwaters of the North Laramie River on the stage route to Fort Fetterman. Based on this 1885 map, it would be located near 22 Mile Ranch.

Portion of Holt's New Map of Wyoming, G.L Holt; 1885

1922 Peerless was a new town in Campbell County according to the December 4, 1922 Daily Boomerang. It was the location of the Peerless Coal Company.