December 7

1918 Youngwoman in Niobrara County is a new town, according to an article in Wyoming Oil World on December 07, 1918.

1941 The Bombing of Pearl Harbor occurred on December 7, 1941. "Military needs determined construction priorities. Fort Francis E. Warren at Cheyenne was doubled in size in 1941 with the addition of a quartermaster training center. Close to five thousand men, mostly from Wyoming, built the center in six months. A second installation, an army air base, was built eight miles west of Casper in the summer of 1942. Another hurry-up project was the Heart Mountain Relocation Center, built in 1942 between Cody and Powell for Japanese evacuated from the West Coast. Similarly, a prisoner of war camp rose rapidly a mile west of Douglas in 1943. Except for the Fort Warren expansion these installations were dismantled soon after the war." (Wyoming: A Guide to Its History, Highways, and People) They were all but forgotten for a number of years. Recently, their locations and history have been recognized.