December 9

1889 On December 9, 1889, Connecticut Senator Orville H. Platt, chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Territories, introduced before the Fifty-first Congress, 1st Session, Senate Bill 894 providing for Wyoming's admission to the Union. It was read, debated and ordered to be printed.This was not the first bill (nor the last) to be introduced regarding Wyoming statehood. A resolution and bill had been introduced in 1888, but this was the first bill to be introduced to Congress after the people of Wyoming had created and voted on a constitution.

1916 The Laramie Republican of December 9, 1916 reported on the formation of the "Yellowstone Highway Garage Association." Its mission was to provide better services to patrons of the garages along the Yellowstone Highway from Cheyenne to Yellowstone National Park. Advertisements from member garages appeared in the newspapers immediately.