February 25

1888 Mikado Post Office was established on February 25, 1888 in Crook County prior to the formation of Campbell County. Francis "Frank" M. Lavering served as postmaster.

1909 President Theodore Roosevelt created the "bird reservations" of Pathfinder and Shoshone by Presidential Executive Order 1032. The two wildlife areas would see a tumultuous history, each having been abolished in 1922 by Presidential Executive Order 3725 before Pathfinder Bird Refuge (now known as Pathfinder National Wildlife Refuge) was reestablished on August 18, 1928.

1963 A magnitude 4.3, intensity V earthquake occurred in southeastern Sublette County on February 25, 1963, approximately 15 miles north-northeast of Big Sandy. The earthquake was felt for over a minute in Atlantic City, and for approximately six seconds in the Lander and Hudson areas. (Casper Star-Tribune; February 26, 1963).