February 27

1885 Francis E. Warren was appointed Governor of the Territory of Wyoming on February 27, 1885.

1888 Joseph M. Carey, Wyoming Delegate to Congress, introduced before the House of Representatives, Fiftieth Congress, first session, bill HR7780 to admit Wyoming as a State to the Union. The bill died in committee. On February 27, 1889, nearly a year after it had been introduced, the Senate Committee on Territories returned S2445 with an amendment. On February 28, 1889 Senator Orville H. Platt from Connecticut submitted Senate Committee on Territories' Report No. 2695 to accompany S2445. Although the report was favorable to the bill's passage, nothing more was done regarding S2445 as Congress adjourned within five days. (Historical Blue Book, 1946)

1893 Jetsam Post Office was established on February 27, 1893. Jetsam was located in Platte County. Weekly columns about Jetsam appeared in the Wheatland newspaper under the titles "Jetsam News" and "Jetsam Jottings."

1901 The Laramie, Hahns Peak, and Pacific Railway Co. was formed under the laws of Wyoming on February 27, 1901.