January 18

1890 On January 18, 1890, Orrin Cook was issued a patent on land that became known as Klondike. His sister Estelle also received patents on land at the location. She also was the first postmaster of the Klondike Post Office. She was married to Frank "Klondike" Jones who according to local stories, received the name Klondike because he had gone to the Klondike during an early gold rush.

1893 Where in Wyoming? On this day in 1893, the Ensign Post Office was established in Sheridan County. Thomas G. Smith was the postmaster. Do you know where Ensign was located?

1893 The name of Marysvale Post Office was changed to Grosventrie Post Office. The order was later rescinded and Marysvale retained that name until it was changed to Jackson in January of 1896.