January 24

1890 Erasmus Nagle, an old time business man of Cheyenne, died on January 24, 1890. He built the Nagle Mansion that became known as the Nagle-Warren Mansion after Erasmus' wife Emma sold it to F.E. Warren. Learn more about the Nagle-Warren Mansion here.

1906 Albany County's new Carnegie Library was "formally given to people" on January 24, 1906. The building, located at 4th St. and Grand Ave. now houses city offices.

1913 On January 24, 1913, Lander's Wyoming State Journal published an article about the new town of Bonneville, which was to become the main division point for the Burlington Railroad in Wyoming. Bonneville was named for Captain B.L.E. Bonneville, an early explorer of Wyoming. Bonneville is currently a rail yard for the Bighorn Divide and Wyoming Railroad.

1964 Sheridan Inn was designated a National Historical Landmark.