July 21

1842 The first expedition of John C. Fremont to Wyoming occurred in 1842. On July 21, his party left Fort Laramie and traveled between the North Platte and Laramie Rivers. Ten miles west of the fort, they came to a “very large spring” called “the Warm Spring”. This spring, known as Warm Springs, Big Springs, the Emigrants’ Wash Tub, and the Emigrants’ Laundry Tub, became a popular camping spot along the Oregon Trail.

1867 Fort D.A. Russell was first garrisoned on July 21, 1867 when Col. John D. Stevenson arrived at the site with Companies B, K, and G, 30th U.S. Infantry.

1894 Frannie Post Office was established, named after Frannie Norris, the daughter of Jack Norris, who came into the country in 1886.