July 29

1871 Yellowstone Lake was explored on July 29 during the 1871 Hayden Expedition. "On the morning of the 29th, Messrs. Stevenson and Elliott started across the lake in the Anna, the first boat ever launched on the Yellowstone, and explored the nearest island, which we named after the principal, assistant of the expedition, who was undoubtedly the first white man that ever placed foot upon it. Our little bark, which is well shown in figure 32 [shown below], whose keel was the first to plow the waters of the most beautiful lake on our continent, and which must now become historical, was named by Mr. Stevenson in compliment to Miss Anna L. Dawes, the amiable daughter of Hon. H. L. Dawes. My whole party were glad to manifest, by this slight tribute, their gratitude to the distinguished statesman, whose generous sympathy and aid had contributed so much toward securing the appropriation which enabled them to explore this marvelous region."

Image from Preliminary Report of the United States

Geological Survey of Montana and portions of

adjacent territories. Washington, DC: GPO, 1872

1878 A total eclipse of the sun occurred, visible over the United States. Many prominent scientists, including Thomas Edison, traveled to Rawlins to view it. To learn about the event and its observers click here.

1929 Grand Teton National Park was dedicated on July 29, 1929.