June 23

1810 The Pacific Fur Company was founded June 23, 1810, in New York City.

1874 The steel bridge over the Platte River near Fort Laramie crossed the river east of Fort Laramie. It was the fourth structure to span the river, is Wyoming's oldest bridge, and is still in existence today. It was authorized by Congress on June 23, 1874 for $15,000.00. The King Bridge Co. of Cleveland, Ohio shipped spans and girders to Cheyenne by rail and they were then taken to Fort Laramie by mule train. The soldiers at Fort Laramie quarried the necessary stone. One span of the bridge broke loose during construction and had to be raised from the river bottom. The bridge was first used March 1, 1876 by General Crook on his way to Powder River.

1925 A section of mountain collapsed and dammed the Gros Ventre River. The slide formed Lower Slide Lake; two years later the dam gave way, flooding the town of Kelly.

1949 Jackson Peak was officially named for William Henry Jackson by the U.S. Board on Geographic Names. It was described as being "an appropriate name because of Mr. Jackson's influence, as an artist and photographer with the Hayden Surveys (1870-79), in the development of the scenic West. He was one of the first men to photograph the Wind River Mountains." (American Trails Association)