June 27

1849 Fort Laramie was purchased by the U.S. Army in 1849. On June 27, 1849, Major William Sanderson, commander of the new fort, reported to the U.S. Secretary of War; "I have the honor to inform you that I arrived at this fort on the morning of the 16th instant, nothing having occurred on our way to interrupt our march; since that time I have, accompanied by Lieutenant Woodbury of the Engineers' Department, made a thorough reconnoissance of the country in the neighborhood of this place, having passed up the ridge or mountain road as far as the Boisie (or Big Timber Creek) and returning by the river road. This was found to be the most eligible for a military post, and was purchased at my request on the 26th inst., by Lieutenant Woodbury, at a cost of four thousand dollars, from Mr. Bruce Husband, agent of the American Fur Company, who was duly authorized to dispose of the same for that amount."

1890 On June 27, 1890, the U.S. Senate voted for Wyoming statehood.