June 6

1877 The survey of the Wyoming/Dakota Boundary was begun on June 6, 1877 with surveyor and astronomer Rollin J. Reeves (Report of the Commissioner of the General Land Office for 1878). Read more about the survey and its decisions here.

1889 Denison Post Office was established on June 6, 1889 in Laramie County prior to the formation of Platte County. It was discontinued on August 24, 1894 and its mail then handled by the Big Horse Creek Post Office.

1901 The Saratoga Sun of June 6, 1901 announced the discovery of oil at Walcott (also spelled "Wolcott").

1912 The Three-Year Homestead Act (applied nationwide) (37 Stat. 123, June 6, 1912) The Homestead Laws were amended to require only three years of residence on the land to prove up and receive patent to it if all other requirements were met, including cultivation.