March 7

1907 Coburn Post Office was established on September 7, 1892 with Edwin M. Coburn as its postmaster. Its location was changed to Greybull on March 7, 1907.

1908 The drawing was held for farms in the Garland Division, Shoshone Reclamation Project.

1913 Newspapers published an article about the Rocky Mountain Herbarium at the University of Wyoming, "one of the largest and most representative, collections of the plants of the Rocky Mountains to be found in Western America." This is still true a century later. Established in 1893, it now "contains the largest collection of Rocky Mountain plants and fungi in existence with additional representation of the floras of other parts of the Northern Hemisphere. It ranks 17th in the nation with 825,000 specimens."

1919 Glenys Post Office was established on March 7, 1919 with Emma C. Hixenbaugh as postmaster. According to the 1920 Decennial Census, Emma C. and William J Hixenbaugh had a daughter named Glenys G. Hixenbaugh.