May 19

1869 On May 19, 1869, Territorial Governor John A. Campbell issued a proclamation ordering the adoption of the first seal of Wyoming. The proclamation described the seal as "A mountain with locomotive and train of cars crossing over its summit. Near the summit a spring of water, from which flow(s) two streams, one to the east, and one to the west. In foreground at base of the mountain, a shovel and pick-ax, shepherd's crook and a plow, grouped, all engraved on a shield running from left to right. On each side and underneath the shield, the motto "Let us have peace." Over the mountain the figures "1868." Crest, an elks head. The whole surrounded by a double circle, with the words" Wyoming Territory," "Great Seal." The seal was used until the Legislature adopted another in December, 1869.

1869 On May 19, 1869, the official organization of the Territory of Wyoming was completed when the last of the territorial officers qualified by taking his oath of office.

1884 Dallas Post Office was established on May 19, 1884.