November 11

1865 On November 11, 1865, Camp Connor was renamed Fort Reno.

1921 Veteran, Wyoming was settled and named by veterans of World War I.

"The dreams of soldiers in 1918 materialized in 1921 when the first unit of the Goshen irrigation district, southwest of Torrington, Wyo., was opened to veterans. In that year 130 veterans of World War I enthusiastically discarded their olive drab for blue denim. Waters from the North Platte River meant the opposite of all the things war symbolized-life instead of death; construction in place of destruction. So proud were the veterans of their new community that they petitioned the Union Pacific Railroad to change the name of the neighboring railhead to Veteran. Veteran was to be the shipping point for their produce-it was to be their village, the town, and in the future, their city."

From "Veteran, Wyoming" in Reclamation Era, May 1947, p. 119-120