November 15

1879 William Robert Dubois was born on November 15, 1879. He was "the most prolific designer of public, commercial and residential buildings in Wyoming during the first half of the twentieth century." (Encyclopedia of the Great Plains) A number of the buildings that he designed or redesigned can be found in Cheyenne's "Walking the Tours."

1907 Kooi Post Office was established on November 15, 1907. Location of the Kooi Coal Mine, of which Peter Kooi was the general manager. Peter Kooi served in the Wyoming legislature from 1917-1919 representing Sheridan County. His daughter, Lorna was married to Milward Simpson, who became governor of Wyoming. Milward and Lorna had two sons, Alan Kooi Simpson and Peter Kooi Simpson. More information about the Simpson family can be found at "The Alan K. Simpson Institute for Western Politics and Leadership." More information about the Sheridan County coal mines can be found in the "Black Diamond Trail."

1913 The last issue of the Jireh Record was published on November 15, 1913. The paper began publication on April 24, 1913 and its loss was regretted by the local community. Another newspaper, the Jireh Tribune, began publication later that year.