November 18

1902 The Irma Hotel was opened in Cody by 'Buffalo Bill' Cody on November 18, 1902.

1919 Wyoming newspapers of November 18, 1919 reported on the organization of the Wyoming Division of the Grant Highway. Named for Ulysses S. Grant, the Grant Highway stretched from Chicago, Illinois to Seaside, Oregon. In Wyoming the route was by Van Tassell, Lusk, Manville, Lost Springs, Shawnee, Douglas, Glenrock, Casper, Shoshoni, Riverton, Dubois, and Moran. The Grant Highway was marked with a "Yellow Black Yellow" sign. In the 1920s, the named highways were replaced with numbered highways. In Wyoming, Grant Highway became U.S. Highway 20 between the Nebraska state line and Shoshoni, and U.S. Highway 26 from Shoshoni to Moran.