November 29

1873 The Laramie County Stockgrowers Association was established in Cheyenne on November 29, 1873. It was one of the precursors of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association.

1876 November 29 is Nellie Tayloe Ross Day in Wyoming. The fourteenth governor of Wyoming was born in St. Joseph, Missouri on November 29, 1876. Ross Lake in Fremont County is named for her and her husband, William Ross, the thirteenth governor of Wyoming.

1908 Major Harry Coupland Benson was appointed acting Superintendent of Yellowstone National Park on November 29, 1908.

1920 The name of the Nefsy Post Office was changed to Osage, which was the name of the Burlington Railroad Station. Nefsy was named for the Nefsy brothers who discovered oil in the area. Prior to being called Nefsy, its name was Apostol.