October 8

1880 According to the October 8, 1880 Cheyenne Daily Leader, "The Ames Monument is to be built on a slight knoll about 1000 feet due south of Bosworth's hotel at Sherman station."

Photographs from left to right. Rock Quarry from which stone Ames Monument was built; Ames Monument, East side view; Ames Monument. J. E. Stimson, photographer. Courtesy of the Wyoming State Archives.

1892 On October 8, 1892, the Sheridan newspaper, Enterprise, reported the Burlington and Missouri Railroad had reached the new town of Clearmont. Huson and Clearmont were established about the same time. When the Burlington and Missouri Railroad came through, Clearmont, which was a "mile east of Huson," was chosen as the station.

1909 A story about the new town of Lodore was published in the Sheridan Daily Enterprise on October 8, 1909.