September 13

1870 Charles Edwin Winter was born in Iowa on September 13, 1870. He was the composer of the lyrics of the Wyoming State Song.

1884 The Big Horn Sentinel made its debut on September 13, 1884. The last issue was published on October 19, 1889. The newspaper was published in Big Horn, residing in Johnson County prior to the formation of Sheridan County.

1890 The Daily Boomerang reported on the new town of Merino on the Burlington and Missouri Railroad. While the railroad was being built, the location had been known as Iron City, as reported in the Newcastle News on July 3, 1890. In 1901, the town was renamed Upton.

Map of Weston County, Wyoming, 1891 from the Rand McNally Atlas, 1897.

1904 The Penn-Wyoming Copper Co. was organized under Wyoming state laws. Their mine office was located at Rudefeha.

1915 Anita King in her "Kissel Kar" reached Rock Springs. Read more about Anita King and her "Koast-to-Koast" journey here and here.

1953 Neil McNeice discovered the presence of radioactivity in the Gas Hills on federally-owned lands. The discovery lead to the forming of the "Lucky Mc" mining company.

1978 The Union Pacific Athletic Club (Gray's Gables) was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.