September 9

1850 Utah Territory was formed by the Act of September 9, 1850 from territory of the Mexican session of 1848 from the Rосkу Mountains to the State of California and between the 37th and 42d parallels. As formed, Utah Territory included the present State of Nevada north of the 37th parallel; the present Territory of Utah; that part of the present Territory of Wyoming south of the 42d parallel, and west of the Rocky Mountains; and the present State of Colorado west of the Rocky Mountains.

1868 Sherman Post Office was established on September 9, 1868.

1909 The Worland Grit reported the town of Manderson had been moved to a new location. The article stated residents were unhappy with the prices that the Lincoln Townsite Company was charging for town lots and moved the town to land owned by a local farmer to avoid the costs.

1911 The Intermountain Globe reported on the new town of Alva in Crook County.

1920 The first coast-to-coast airmail flight landed in Cheyenne.